About Me


I have lived with gout for the past 5 years. I did a lot of research and self-testing, and got things under control about 3 years ago. Since then, I thankfully have not had any attacks. Along the way, I learned several interesting things that have made the journey easier. Hopefully this site can help others who are going through the same things that I did.

Getting Started

Gout Pain and Confusion

I was advised by my doctor and fellow gout sufferers that chicken and pork are safer than beef and seafood, but purine charts show that a chicken breast is 59% more purine-dense than a beef fillet. A pork chop has the same purine density as shrimp. What's happening here??... Read More 

Finding Answers

Purines Turn Into Uric Acid

Why do gout attacks start at night? What is special about the foot and big toe? What causes the intense pain of a gout attack?... Read More 

Counting Purines

Are Purine Tables Important?

Research shows that higher purine contents do not always translate into higher uric acid levels or more gout attacks. Some foods contribute to the long-term buildup of uric acid crystals, while others increase the likelihood of an immediate attack... Read More 

Measuring What Matters

Taking Uric Acid Measurements at Home

I have gone through days of frequent-interval testing and some of the results I found were surprising. For example, workouts and even hot showers increased my uric acid levels... and at least one of these increases is actually a good thing! Read More 

My Testing Equipment

Uric Acid Meter - My Recommendation

I own both the EasyTouch Uric Acid Meter and the UAsure meter. Both have served me well. Every time I have have my uric acid tested by a lab, I also do a home test as well, and found... Read More 

Chicken vs Hamburger