Uric Acid Meter - My Recommendation

I own both the EasyTouch Uric Acid Meter and the UAsure meter. Both home test kits have served me well, although I personally prefer the UAsure. Every time I have have my uric acid tested by a lab, I also do a home test as well, just for comparison. The UAsure meter is always within 10% of the lab result, and often within 5%. The EasyTouch meter is usually within 20%. Additionally, I have taken multiple readings at the same time using different test strips with each meter, and the UAsure meter gives more consistent results.

Another thing that I like about the UAsure meter is that the test strips are individually wrapped in an airtight foil seal. The EasyTouch test strips come in a bottle of 25, and the label states that the entire bottle expires within 30 days after opening. Since test strip accuracy deteriorates over time after exposure to air, the EasyTouch strips tend to lose accuracy and may have to be thrown away if not used often. On the other hand, the UAsure strips retain their freshness until the expiration date, which is usually at least a year away from when I purchase them.

I have heard that the EasyTouch meter and test strips are cheaper (and more available) in some countries. If that's the case where you live, I don't think you will go wrong with the EasyTouch meter. As as strong proponent of home testing, I think the most important thing is to keep track of your uric acid level on a regular basis.

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